We are so lucky to be located in California. Our State is the king of produce and fruits, therefore we have easy access to all types of vegetables and fruits year round. At any given time...we have over 300 different varieties. Plus we carry international produce as well.

Our seafood department carries a vast variety of seafood products from all over the world. "Whether it is LIVE, FRESH, or FROZEN, if it Is in season...we will have it." 

We only carry USDA certified meat products. Below is just a partial list we carry...

Please stop by our stores to see other selections.

Our vendors are a part of our success. We carry a wide variety of grocery that are staples for many families. Our sourcing manager have over 25+ years of experience. If there are any products that you cannot  find at our stores, please let us know and we will get it for you. Guaranteed!