Grocery Clerks

Our Grocery Clerks are devoted to ensuring proper presentation of products in an assigned section of the middle of the store and for providing a smile and assistance to customers who visit that section.


A Grocery Clerk’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Providing premier customer service, including greeting them and responding to questions
Ensuring product is rotated, within date, and properly displayed on shelves according to the appropriate planogram
Unloading product from trucks and organizing stock room
Filling assigned sections as needed
Assisting Grocery Replenishment Specialist in maintenance of shelf set
Cleaning cases and shelves, mopping and sweeping the sales floor, stock room and dairy coolers
Operating back room equipment, pallet jack, scissor lift, baler, compactor and scrub machine
Assisting in other duties, as assigned

Qualifications we look for

Required: The required qualifications are as follows:

18 or older to use sharp knives, use ladders, scaffolds or their substitutes above 6 feet in height, and to operate or assist in operating power-driven machinery or equipment
Able to deliver friendly, courteous, prompt customer service
Able to read, write, and do simple math problems
Able to interpret, understand and follow instructions

Preferred: The preferred qualifications are as follows:

Able to work well with others as a team member
Passion for serving people

Work Conditions

A Grocery Clerk's duties are performed primarily in the Grocery department and back room. A Grocery Clerk may be exposed to various temperature changes and work environments. Work includes walking, standing, lifting, moving, carrying and stocking product, along with interaction with customers, associates, truck drivers and vendors.

Apply: In Person at 88 Manor Market 30200 Mission Blvd Hayward, CA 94544